Math Update

We are currently finishing our last standard: Customary and Metric Measurements. We have also started reviewing all other previously taught standards. To ensure that students are successful, it is important that they study and practice math every single day.

  • They are given homework every day this week (for ALP students also) and it is important that they complete it and bring it to the class next day. It will be used for classwork the next day.
  • Please check out the resource section of my math blog that includes practice tests (for math and ELA) and study guides for all subjects. Please have your students take the practice tests during spring break.
  • Students have been given a cheat sheet/strategy sheet to help them solve the problems. It is important that students have a strategy/logic/plan of action for all different kinds of problems.
  • They can use their volume 1 and 2 Mymath workbook to practice as well.
  • They will be given several mock milestone assessments next week.

Milestones will start on 10th of April.


Videos and Games for Patterns

Homework- Jan 24,2017

It is very important that you watch the following videos and play some of the games on patterns and Coordinates

It is very important that you watch the following videos and play some of the games on patterns and Coordinates

Go to and enter the given code in the search bar.
Do not sign in or create an account.
Sign in as a GUEST. Enter your first name and watch the video

1. Generate Patterns and identify corresponding terms- DY7K23W
2. Identify the relationship between two patterns- 4Y6J599

After watching the two videos, play the following games on patterns :
Splash Math

Function Table

Multiplication pattern

Math Update

As of now we have completed the following Units

  • Place Value with Decimals
  • Multiplying and Dividing whole numbers and decimals by Powers of 10
  • Rounding, comparing, expanding Decimals
  • Whole number multiplication and division
  • Order of Operations and expressions
  • Decimal Computation
  • Fraction Computation

We still have the following units to finish and we will start with Line Plots on Monday..

  • Line Plots
  • Volume of Rectangular Prism and Additive volume
  • Measurement- metric and customary
  • Numerical patterns and rules
  • Ordered pairs / Coordinate grid
  • 2D Classifications (Quadrilaterals and Polygons)

We will have the fractions unit test on Thursday 1/18/18. We have gone over all the work assigned so far and students had the opportunity to fix the mistakes in the class. Students should have the following finished assignments in their binder for a binder check tomorrow. This will be considered as a classwork grade. (ALP students who turned in the word problems on Tuesday will get it back tomorrow)

  1. Fraction Assessments (packet) (25%)
  2. Constructed response problems (Stuffed by pizza and Autumn fun) (25%)
  3. Word problems (1-20) (25%)
  4. Fraction Word Problems (10 problems that were planned first and then solved) (25%)
  5. Fraction Strategy sheet should be filed in the math binder.

Students worked on Conceptua Math last Friday and loved it. Students can continue to work on it at home. I have assigned Fraction multiplication and division assignments for them on Conceptua Math. The username and password should be written in their agenda. It can also be found on the fifth grade page – Online Resources

Start reviewing units already taught so far. I found these awesome videos for each of the units that could be used to study.

Math Videos for each Unit

Long Division and Order of Operation Practice Links

This week we will begin our new unit- Order of Operations and will continue to practice long division. You will be working independently on practicing these concepts and will meet with me in small group to demonstrate mastery or clarify doubts.

Division single digit divisor Practice: Practice Division with step by step instruction

Division Double digit division:  More Division Practice with Tutorial

Order of Operations Game: Practice evaluating expressions- Battle it out!

Order of Operations: Step by Step Practice and Play

Order of Operations Quiz: Quiz

IOWA Test Prep

We have so far worked on Place Value concepts and whole number computation. Students should know fluently to add, subtract, multiply and divide multi-digit whole numbers. In the following weeks, we will move on to decimal computation.

We start with IOWA testings on Monday. If everything goes as per schedule, students will be administered Math IOWA on Wednesday (9/13). I will be going over some test taking strategies and expose students to concepts that have not been introduced to them as of yet. Please use the following power point to prepare for the test.

IOWA Test Prep

Unit 1 – Place Value Unit

Unit 1- Place Value concepts with Whole Numbers and Decimal Numbers
MGSE5.NBT.1 Recognize that in a multi-digit number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its right and 1/10 of what it represents in the place to its left.
MGSE5.NBT.2 Explain patterns in the number of zeros of the product when multiplying a number by powers of 10, and explain patterns in the placement of the decimal point when a decimal is multiplied or divided by a power of 10. Use whole-number exponents to denote powers of 10.
MGSE5NBT.3 Read, write, and compare decimals to thousandths.
a. Read and write decimals to thousandths using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form, e.g., 347.392 = 3 × 100 + 4 × 10 + 7 × 1 + 3 × (1/10) + 9 x (1/100) + 2 × (1/1000).
b. Compare two decimals to thousandths based on meanings of the digits in each place, using >, =, and < symbols to record the results of comparisons.
MGSE5.NBT.4 Use place value understanding to round decimals up to the hundredths place.

During the first three weeks of school, we will focus on the above concepts with respect to decimal numbers. We will start out by reviewing the concepts with whole numbers while focusing on using precise grade level math vocabulary. Students will be exposed to various forms of  questioning and will be asked to answer in variety of forms as well.

Use the videos, lesson notes and other extra resources available in this blog. Expect homework every day and always study your notes given in the Math Binder before any quizzes or tests.